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Stamp Sheet FAQ


Stamp sheets are used in grades 4-8 to encourage students to arrive in the classrooms on time, with their materials, homework completed, and academically prepared to learn. Students are responsible for getting stamped before they are dismissed from each class. Student achievement increases when students come to classes prepared and ready to learn. If a student loses his/her stamp sheet, they must get a replacement in the office. However, loss of a stamp sheet will result in a NO stamp. The stamp sheets should serve as encouragement to students to attend school every day. All "yeses" and perfect attendance are both required for reward activities. Anyone who misses a reward activity because of illness will have a chance to work for four or five other reward trips. In order to receive "yes" stamps for the periods missed, students will need to attend at least half the school day, (either before or after a doctor’s appointment). Principals reserve the right to make final decisions when unusual situations occur. We request parents not to schedule doctor visits or plan your child’s personal time until after dismissal time each school day.

Stampsheet FAQ's

Question: What if I continually receive “Yeses”?
Answer: Each 6-week stamp sheet period, your stamp sheet will be collected and checked for all yes stamps. Students who have received all “Yes” stamps and have perfect attendance, during that 6-week period will be eligible to attend a reward trip. Reward Trips are optional and usually cost anywhere from $6-$15. Students are responsible for paying the admission and transportation fee for all reward trips.

Question: How does the stamp program work?
Answer: At the START OF EACH PERIOD, students take out their stamp sheet to show:

1. Completed Homework Assignment(s) Must Be On Students’ Desks’ when the Bell Rings 

(Students in 4th-8th grade will be assigned Homework- EVERYDAY (Monday-Friday)


Pencils, Paper, Text Book, Student Planner/Agenda- Students must write the objective and HW in their planner for each subject/period…everyday!

3. ON TIME TO CLASS- Students must be in their seat when the Tardy Bell Rings

Each teacher has a specific number stamp he/she will place in the box under the YES/NO column for their specific period/subject. If a student receives a “Yes” in every class/period and has perfect attendance during the six week stamp sheet, he/she will be eligible for the reward trip. 
Question: Can one “No-Stamp” make me ineligible for reward trips?
Answer: No, each grade level has a certain number of “FREEBIES” per week or per 6-week period. The number of FREEBIES is listed on your grade level stamp sheet. Remember if you forget your backpack at home with all your homework in it, a FREEBIE can only be used for ONE ASSIGNMENT, in one subject area. You will receive “no-stamps” for all other periods/subjects.

Question: What if I forget to get a stamp in one of my classes?
Answer: It is the student’s responsibility to get stamped before leaving the classroom. You will not be allowed to leave any class period to go get stamped from a previous teacher. You can try to see the teacher between classes, but tardy passes will not be issued if you are late.  Missing stamps will result in being ineligible for the reward trip.

Question: What if I have not finished all of my homework?
Answer: You will not receive a “yes” stamp for the class or classes for which you are not prepared. One of the goals of the stamp program is to help you learn to be responsible. You must attempt every question or problem on the assignment. The administration will not change no-stamps.

Question: What defines being tardy to class?
Answer: If you are NOT IN YOUR SEAT WHEN THE BELL RINGS, you will be considered TARDY and receive a NO-Stamp.

Question: What if I lose or forget my card stock stamp sheet?
Answer: You will obtain a replacement stamp sheet from the front office. You will not qualify for the reward trip and the office will document that you were given a replacement stamp sheet. 

Question: What if I have defaced my stamp sheet? (Drawings, pictures, etc.)
Answer: You will need to replace your stamp sheet, losing your opportunity to get a “yes” stamp. 

Question: What if I arrive late to school with a parent note or doctor’s appointment excuse?
Answer: The office secretary will stamp your sheet for the hours you missed. It is your responsibility to ask the office staff to stamp it so that it will be excused. Once you have left the office, you will not be allowed to return for a stamp. If the blocks are blank and not stamped, that means they are not excused and you are not qualified for the reward trip.

Question: What if I do not have required materials for class, such as my math book or paper?
Answer: You will not receive a “yes” stamp in any class for which you do not have the required materials. 
Each grade level in the stamp program will have different amounts of “freebie” stamps.
4th gr. = 2 freebie stamps per week                    6th gr. = 3 freebie stamps per 6 weeks
5th gr. = 1 freebie stamps per week                    7th/8th = 2 freebie stamps per 6 weeks
The freebie “Yes” stamp may be used to replace a “No” stamp. Students who choose to use a “Freebie” stamp may only use it to replace ONE, NO-STAMP. A Freebie can only be used for one subject/or assignment…NOT FOR THE WHOLE DAYS’ WORK IN EVERY CLASS! 4th and 5th graders may not bank their freebie stamps and use more than the guidelines above each week.